As an excited member of the physics community, I work to inspire, encourage, and inform everyone from the lay-person to the budding scientist. Here are some projects I've been involved with in my STEM career.

Science In The News (SITN) Correspondent (Fall 2017-2019)

I write a monthly short article for the Boston area Science in the News (SITN) blog. Each article conveys a recent scientific finding in a jargon-free way such that STEM can integrated into popular news. Here is a list of the articles I have written.

Harvard College Women In STEM (WiSTEM) Mentorship Program (Fall 2017-)

I am a mentor to a new undergraduate student each year who anticipates majoring in physics. We meet consistently through the semester to discuss the challenges of getting started in physics. I give advice on topics such as finding a research group, what courses to take, and how to be confident as a student.

March for Science: Geneva (February - April 2017)

During my time at CERN, I was one of 15 core organizers for the March for Science happening in Geneva. While all the organizers contributed to establishing the mission statement and deciding on speakers, my specific role was coordinating social media outreach and email correspondences with volunteers and fellow marchers. See my post-march interview here.

Guest Lecturer on Particle Physics and Undergraduate Research (May 2015 - Jan 2017)

Each year I returned to my high school to give a lecture to all the advanced physics classes. My lecture was partly about a topic--twice it was quantum mechanics, once LHC physics--and partly about what studying physics in college is like and what kinds of things students can do in research.

Physics Tutor (August 2014 - December 2016)

As an undergrad I tutored physics for several organizations. I was a tutor initially for the Learning Strategies Center where I tutored first year undergrads in classical mechanics, electromagnetism, and waves and optics. In my final semester I volunteered to be a student tutor for an auto-tutorial classical mechanics course.

Greater Ithaca Area Center (GIAC) After School Program (Fall 2016)

During the fall semester of 2016, I lead a two-hour after school program with a fellow Cornell undergrad in biology. Each week we designed a short science lesson and a hands-on activity that related to the lesson. The students were a diverse group of 5 to 10 year-olds.

Expand Your Horizons (EYH) Demo Leader (April 2015, 2016)

I created and lead two physics demonstrations for the Cornell Expand Your Horizons annual conference. The theme of my firstyear was wave mechanics, and the theme of the second year was the\ physics of bubbles.

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (Spring 2014)

During my spring semester of my first year in undergrad I was an undergrad teaching assistant for a course in classical mechanics. I would help students solve homework problems, and occasionally give short lectures and example problems to the students.

FIRST Robot Inspector (March 2014)

After my multiyear involvement with my high school's FIRST Robotics team, I volunteered to help teams qualify to compete at the Midwest Regional competition.